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So I followed this wonderful blog the other day called lost-wo0ds and you should check it out if you haven’t already! Ellie is really sweet and I think if you aren’t following her you’re missing out! ^-^ x

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Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance covers

"A tireless work ethic and extraordinary ability have propelled Hope through the ranks of the Academy. He is articulate, considerate, and admired by his peers."

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I had a bunch of requests for her so taking a palette meme break *o*


We really really really did an art exchange *_*
 I still can’t believe it.
Ty so much Joël 

Me: *knock on door*
Square Enix: Yes hello, can we help you?
Me: *throws American money* Yes, I would like KH 2.5 remix along with the exclusive Limit Form Sora figure.
Square Enix: Sorry we can't give you the exclusive Limit Form Sora figure but here is a Sora and Mickey Mouse pin.
Me: *pushes money in face* DID I STUTTER take my money and give me the figure.


So Japan gets all that and we get a pin

And yes I am aware that they have to pay more money but come on we don’t even get an option here.

Sora, I think you’ve lost your Keyblade.

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