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The Lost Trio for moreaffectionthanyouknow 

A gifset for moreaffectionthanyouknow for being chosen as the winner of my 400 Followers Give Away! 
The prize was a gif set of their submitted idea/topic, which was Riku Replica, Namine and Vanitas (aka The Lost Trio).

Thanks to all who entered :D I loved all your ideas, but I did have to pick just one. Thanks again to all my followers!

(I know that art is of Dark Riku, not Repliku, but he doesn’t have any official art, and they share the same design. So I figured I could get away with it for this)


i just want to know how nagisa talked haru into doing this picture.


Don't worry. I can fly.


ventus and vanitas are done!! maybe i’ll post the hearts quartet all seperately in one photoset if you guys wanted me to?? waa i really want to make them all charms;;


Final Fantasy XIII | Concept Artwork 

They can say Korra was pulled off the air for low ratings but we know the truth


This bitch got Choked to death 


This girl got her head blown off 


This chick got Fried


and This boy melted himself 


Pulled for low ratings image



#puttin your gf in an awkward position by falling asleep on her